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I currently offer sessions in person at my office or online. I am bilingual and can also give sessions in Spanish.

Hypnotherapy sessions are 60 minutes although the first Hypnotherapy session is for 90 minutes which includes a FREE 30 minute interview regarding the goal before the 60 minute session. Regression Therapy sessions are for 120 minutes. Based upon your goal, we will discuss how many sessions you may need to achieve it. Most goals need between 3-9 sessions. Depending on the extent of your goal or if you have various issues you want to work on, you may need less or more sessions. 

**If you are currently under the supervision of a doctor, psychologist, therapist, or any other professional for the condition you are seeking Hypnotherapy for, please advise your physician that you are seeking Hypnotherapy as an adjunct to their services.

Weight Managment

Sometimes we go through phases in our life where we neglect our body and forget to take care of ourselves because we are busy taking care of others or giving more attention to other aspects of our lives. Perhaps your life changed dramatically? Or do you suffer from "yo yo diets" and play the game of losing weight, regaining weight, & doing some crazy diet again that is not healthy for your body or mind?

My weight management program of 6 weeks and a 7 session package focuses on helping people lose weight, achieve a healthy lifestyle, improve self-esteem/self-image, transform their emotions to a greater understanding, & creates a comfortable space for self-reflection, Our conscious & unconscious beliefs connected to activity, food, eating, & about ourselves are crucial factors when it comes to loosing weight. All of these factors are important to notice to really lose weight & keep it off permanently. If you are ready to make a positive change in your life and would like me to assist you through this empowering process of safely and permanently loosing weight, I would be delighted to assist.

(60 - 120 minute session)

Quit Smoking 

Understanding why you smoke is the key to breaking your smoking habit. Your unconscious mind expects you to smoke because of the connections you create with smoking. Some examples why you smoke is because you are stressed, you like to have your cigarette with your coffee, you are bored, or it's just a plain social habit that took over. Whatever prompts you to smoke can be reversed through the realization of why you light that cigarette. I can help you gain willpower to quit and improve your life through my quit-smoking program which consist of 3-7 sessions in 6 weeks, Everyone's responsiveness is different therefore some may need more sessions depending on how long they have been smoking. If you are ready to quit, then contact me & I would be delighted to assist you through this process.

(60 to 120 minute session)

Overcoming Fears & Phobias

When you think of your biggest fears or phobias, what are they? Is it public speaking? Fear of failure? Fear of heights? Fear of not being good enough? Fear of being judged? Some of these fears or phobias may be preventing us from getting that dream job or from going back to school. Some fears may even prevent us from having a loving relationship because the fear of rejection is so significant that the belief of being alone may be more safe then to ask someone out on a date and risk the possibility of being rejected! With at least three sessions, the power of the unconscious mind can be harnessed to mentally rehearse yourself overcoming a fear or phobia and the negative programming will be replaced by more positive thought patterns. The power of realizing the root of where these fears came from is the key of eliminating them! Also, the potency of a positive mind-set can eliminate the common fear/phobia component right out of your life. Are you ready to do this??

(60-120 minute session)

Surgical Preparation/Recovery 



The human mind has a remarkable capacity to control the body when we concentrate. By reviewing an issue from a different mind view, it is easier to change a stubborn perspective that blocks a person from achieving their goals. Hypnosis is a very effective & powerful treatment for any addiction or habit such as nail biting, teeth grinding, drinking, smoking, shopping, working, social media, or eating too much. What all these habits have in common is that subconsciously you find yourself doing these habits or thinking about doing them knowing that they don't serve you well. When it comes to a point that you can't stop yourself from these addictions or habits, Hypnotherapy can help train your mind to not want to do this addiction or habit anymore.

(60 - 120 min session)

Life Changes & Goal Setting


Stress Management


Fertility & Pregnancy


Pain Management


Improve Sleep


Heal Trauma


Accelerate Healing


Enhance Sports Performance


Enhance Test Taking Skills


Improve Self-Esteem & Overcome Depression


Self-Hypnosis Techniques

I teach every person I work with Self-Hypnosis techniques to achieve their goals as part of a Hypnotherapy session with me. It usually takes an individual about two weeks of daily practice to achieve a state of an effective level of deep relaxation within a few seconds. Uses of the process of Self-Hypnosis include but are not limited to the following:

1. Mental & physical relaxation.

2. Mental programming to change mental attitudes, beliefs, & reactions.

3. Improving performance through the use of mental movies.

4. Taking yourself back in time to the cause of a problem.  

5. Spiritual Guidance.

6. Exploration of hidden attitudes causing blocks.

7. Habit control and creating new skill patterns that serve you.

(60 to 120 minute session)

Past-Life Regression Therapy

A Past Life Regression is not always evidence of a past life but just a mere symbolism used to help heal subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you. During this process, you become aware of images from other times and other places. Your subconscious mind communicates with you often through metaphors and will make you aware of certain issues through symbolic situations to assist your process on attaining your goal. When you are in a relaxed state, you actually feel the emotions in a deeper and real way and through this emotional experience created through symbolism, you are able to comprehend the lesson of your situation and receive the wisdom from it. 

What are some of the Goals for a Past Life Regression Therapy?

- Discover & reverse subconscious limiting symbolic past life decisions.

-Solve current day relationships & family problems caused by limiting programming accepted during the symbolic past life experience.

-Realize which thoughts or beliefs from that symbolic life have been blocking you from living your life to your fullest potential.

-Reconnect with an archetype that ignites a positive & uplifting experience that motivates you to achieve your goals.

What can be learned from an experience of a Past Life Regression?

- Understanding of relationships in your life.

-Create more acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, & ultimately realizing a greater love for yourself and others. 

-Understand why one's life is the way it is by discovering the personal lie.

-Realization of a talent or skill you have.

-Realization of your life's purpose.

-Reconnect with a resource that would be helpful in your life today.

I highly recommend that clients have at least three Hypnotherapy Sessions before doing a Regression Session.

(120 minute session)

Natal Regression Therapy

A Natal Regression is aimed at exploring one's experiences prior to conception and experiencing it all the way through birth. This is a profound experience. 

What are some of the goals for a Natal Regression?

-Discover & reverse subconscious limiting natal decisions.

-Solve current day relationships & family problems caused by limiting programming accepted during womb time, birth & early childhood.

-Realize which thoughts were actually made by mother, father, or siblings?

-Clear negative ideas formed during & around the womb process.

-Reconnect with positive & uplifting experiences of womb time, birth & early childhood.

What can be learned from an experience of a Natal Regression?

-Understand parents, siblings, & early authority figures.

-Create more acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, & ultimately realizing a greater love for parents, siblings, & early childhood authority figures.

-Know that the birth trauma & mother's pain of suffering was not the baby's fault.

-Understand why one's life is the way it is by discovering the personal lie.

I highly recommend that clients have at least three Hypnotherapy Sessions before doing a Regression Session.

(120 minute session)

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