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"I was experiencing a great deal of anxiety when I sought Jaki's help.  I had never tried hypnotherapy before, but I was open to the possibility.  We did a session with a technique called "The Tree of Life".  It brought me back to my childhood & helped me feel a sense of peace that I have not experienced for a very long time.  I was able to envision my fears in a way I never had before.  Afterwards I felt very relieved and much more alive.  Jaki's calming presence during our session helped me feel more at ease.  I would highly recommend Jaki as a hypnotherapist, especially for anyone looking to be free from fear & anxiety.  Thanks Jaki for helping me make a positive change in my lifestyle!"
                                                                       -Mallory (First Time Mother) Virginia

"For many years I always experienced strong pains during my menstrual cycle.  One year while I was travelling through Peru, the menstrual pains were so bad that my medication didn't work anymore. I also noticed I was getting very weak.   I ran out of my prescribed pain medication and was nervous to take foreign medication.  I needed someone to talk to and I happened to meet Jaki in Cusco at the plaza one day and felt very comfortable talking to her about this situation even though I knew her for only thirty minutes!  She told me she could help me with hypnosis.  I didn't know what hypnosis was.  She explained to me that it would be like a guided meditation that would help me relax my body.  She also explained how it would improve my immune system and my blood circulation.  I thought it would be great to try an alternative way to relieve my pain this month so I decided to try this hypnosis out.  For our first session, I was very nervous.  Then when I heard her soft voice, I felt my body become very relax.  I didn't want to open my eyes at all.  Something about her smooth, gentle, yet strong voice just made me feel safe to let go of all my tension in my body, especially my neck.  I felt like she was singing a lullaby to me.  I was so relaxed and thought I would fall asleep.  I was awake the whole time.  During the second session I started having memories from when I was a child.  They were happy memories of when I use to play at my grandfather's farm.  I always wore a white dress and I loved to run in the fields and sing old folk songs with my siblings.  Other memories came up and  I started to feel a new appreciation for my family and my countryside.  I felt while I was travelling I started losing a sense of my identity. Sometimes I was feeling ashamed of my accent.  After the second session I started to feel proud of being Hungarian.  During the third session,  I remembered the day my mother past away when I was thirteen.  I cried more during this session than the day she past away.   I realized  I was always hiding the pain of losing my mother inside of me and this pain showed up during my menstrual cycles.  I never expressed how I felt about my mother before because I wanted to be strong for my younger brothers and father.   I thought if I didn't cry, they wouldn't be so sad.  I thank Jaki for making me feel so comfortable to just cry.  I thank her for being patient with me.  After that session I felt that I had more energy.  I also felt strong again.  It felt good to walk in the mountains and not feel weak.   Also, during my following menstrual cycle I didn't feel any pain!!"

                                                                           ~Bernadette Budai/Budapest, Hungary

"I have tried hypnotherapy with Jaki and I highly recommend it!  Her Spanish speaking skills were a plus for me.  During her sessions she is insightful, caring, and focused.  Thanks to Jaki and her hypnotherapy sessions, I have noticed a truly dramatic change in my life that is positive.  I am now free of a habit that use to torment me.  This has really boosted my confidence  with myself and my friends notice that something has changed and I am happier." 
                                                          ~Vanessa Gonzalez/San Francisco, California


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