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What Is Hypnotherapy?

For thousands of years the altered state of the mind has been used to reconnect with our divine nature. During a Hypnotherapy session, the Hypnotherapist guides the client (co-therapist) to reach an altered yet natural state of relaxation and focused concentration of the mind which is defined as “Hypnosis”.  

Hypnosis permits an individual to enter the Alpha or Theta brain wave state. The Alpha state is a mental state of deep relaxation & meditation, which is why many individuals say they feel like they are in a meditative state during Hypnosis. The Theta state is a state of “very deep relaxation” which occurs during REM sleep. When we go to bed at night, the Theta state is the first phase we are in when we start to dream. For people who meditate, reaching the Theta state is ideal to achieve perfect calmness. This usually takes a couple hours to accomplish, but during a hypnotherapy session, this could be accomplished in minutes!! 

Again, Hypnosis is not a state of deep sleep but a condition where an individual is in a higher state of awareness. The conscious mind (the analytical mind) is suppressed and the sub-conscious mind (a place where all your memories are stored of everything that has ever happened to you) is more alert. This alertness helps an individual to concentrate exclusively on the Hypnotherapist’s voice. The Hypnotherapist then gives instructions to the subconscious mind to locate deep-rooted core beliefs, patterns, habits, or ideas that no longer promote positive development. After the conscious realization and elimination process, the Hypnotherapist can suggest thoughts, concepts and lifestyle adaptations to the individual seeking change.  These suggestions are the seeds of which become firmly planted to make a change.

Anyone who desires a change in their life can be “hypnotized” and achieve great results with Hypnotherapy.

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